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    matt avent

    Yeah I reckon it’ll be really useful actually. Gabriel can you describe how the current force to scale works algorithmically? eg. if the scale your forcing notes to contains none of the notes in the actual sequence, how does the mapping work? makes sense to use the same system, at least initially so it’s easy to implement!



    Gabriel Seher

    The current force-to-scale implementation is quite simple, you can imagine it as follows:
    A note is checked for its belonging to the current scale.
    If it is in the scale it is left alone and played.
    Otherwise it is being "pitched" up until it belongs to the scale and then it is played.
    Cheers, Gabriel

    matt avent

    ah right yeah very simple. i wonder what would happen if you had it pitch down instead of up? would it sound moodier?!

    actually i thought it might choose the nearest one. i guess that’s a bit more processor intensive though is it?

    okay i’ll try to draw something up over the weekend when i get a sec


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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