Octopus is a MIDI sequencer. 

One that redefined its kind. 









Octopus Legacy – the start of it all.

Octopus stands out as a musical instrument: creativity unleashed by intuitive access, and the very interaction with Octopus.









Octopus New Classic

Features black, piano lacquered wood, white painted panels and a red-green-yellow LED matrix.









Octopus Lion Head – the nature-wood legacy of our original design. 

Octopus’ tactile and visual feedback is a physical experience so typical of musical instruments.

Octopus The Shell is built into an industrial-strength flight case.

It features black anodized panels, sparkling with red-green-yellow LEDs.

















Octopus – Black Sea (limited edition)

Introduced the exclusive line of blue, yellow, purple LEDs.

Octopus – Vampire (limited edition)

Premium materials and our care in hand-assembling each unit make every Octopus a unique piece, to stand the test of time.











Octopus – Diva (limited edition)

Truly monumental: cast in a slate body, with a brushed aluminum front and gold-plated select buttons.