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  • in reply to: The Super Nemo Project #2895

    Roderick van Erp

    Great post….and a even greater project to start…. :)

    I just wonder about a few things….:
    – Your theory sounds great….but is this even feasable with the Nemo hardware….?

    – Is the memory of the Nemo big enough to program this and keep enough left to work normally…?

    – Why talk already about money and the amount of it…even though you do not have a programmer found yet ?

    – Due to the fact that the Nemo part of this forum is only visited by a couple of people….getting 10 people to pony 1000 in total will be already very difficult.

    Still….i like to hear or see if this is even possible on the Nemo.

    in reply to: Edit perform state #2863

    Roderick van Erp

    Do you have OS 1.62 on your Nemo…?
    Edit : I saw in another post that you are running OS1.60….so that means no Edit perform.

    Are you in page mode…?

    Is the sequence stopped when trying to switch…?

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    in reply to: how to undo a track chain? #2855

    Roderick van Erp

    Adam wrote:

    My preferred solution is to panic.

    LOL…. :laugh:

    Well…i checked yesterday….and this should unchain the tracks :

    – Let’s say you chained together 3 tracks
    – Hold track selector 1 and push the chain button
    – Do the same with track selector 2 and 3 to unchain them
    – Now all tracks should be "seperate" again
    – This way you can unchain every track you chained together or just 1 of the 3

    Good luck…. B)

    in reply to: how to undo a track chain? #2853

    Roderick van Erp

    I am not sure about my answer….but can you unchain them again by holding the track selectors from the chained tracks and pushing the chain button….?

    in reply to: usb2midi device in the octopus #2673

    Roderick van Erp

    I use a Midi Merger from Philip Rees (2M) for this….works perfect !

    in reply to: Just got my nemo – some questions… #2641

    Roderick van Erp

    By my knowledge you do the following :
    – Push Page button

    – Edit should be green…no blinking

    – Press Rec button..should blink orange now

    – Holding a step on the matrix, and playing a key on your keyboard will
    assign the note data (including velocity) to the selected step.

    – To record more than just one step in a take, simply keep playing on
    your keyboard and you should see the played notes fill in one after

    Explaining edit modes :
    – Green : The step buttons toggle the step states

    – Orange blinking : Edit state, MIDI data of the
    steps is played out of the MIDI port as it is, grab a step to tweak its attributes

    – Green Blinking : Edit Perform State, EDIT PERFORM is actually similar to the EDIT state, with the exception that no MIDI data is transmitted when you operate on the matrix. This is particularly interesting for the Berlin School type of performances.

    in reply to: Photos of the internals? #2637

    Roderick van Erp

    I guess that when you went back you triggered the submit from your just written post.

    in reply to: Photos of the internals? #2634

    Roderick van Erp

    You can see some of the inside if you go to : Service -> Documents -> and then the last link on this page "the making of". B)

    in reply to: anyone want to trade nemo + $ for Octopus? #2590

    Roderick van Erp

    Congrats on you newly acquired baby….;)

    in reply to: instant page switching video #2580

    Roderick van Erp

    Great video….thanks for sharing… 😆

    Btw…great HD shot of the Nemo….looks fantastic with the focus in the middle.

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    in reply to: Nemo OS v1.62 #2496

    Roderick van Erp

    Tx for the new Firmware Gabriel….works perfectly and loaded without a hitch. B)

    in reply to: Octopus or Nemo? #2423

    Roderick van Erp

    Simply…go to the products page -> Nemo -> Technical Data

    You will see a comparison chart over there which gives an indication about the differences between the Nemo or Octopus.

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