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    in the meantime I have published 4 Basic Demonstration videos:

    1: Making easy music with the Octopus
    2: Real time Recording Notes & CC-Midi-Controller
    3: The Effector
    4: Snapshots for easy Music variations (new)

    The 5 Video will show Chords and Strumming.
    The 6 Video will show Attribute and Page CC-Maps
    The 7 Video will show Playing a page with all kinds of manipulation (Skips & Mutes, Track-Tempo & Direction, Mix-Controller, Force to Scale.

    If you have an idea what else I should demonstrate, please post it here (I tried to do this, if possible).

    Sorry that the video quality is not so good but I have only a small digital camera.:evil:

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    Video Basic Demonstration 1

    Hi people,
    watch under Your Tube


    Have Fun!:evil:

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    Step Events

    Hi droolmaster0,
    Step Events are Events in a Track which will do some action (e.g. Postion Change of all active Steps always when the Step Event will be passed by the Timeline.

    Try this:
    Set some Steps in a Track. Than doubleclick on one Step (non active or active) in the Track (you are now in Step Mode). Now press f. E. the POS Button in the select row
    (near the MIX Encoders)and keep him pressed while you turn the AMT Encoder clockwise back or for. Now return to the page mode and watch your track. You see an orange LED. Always when to Timeline cross the orange step all active steps are moved to a new position (1 Step forward, if you have turn the AMT Encoder 1 Tick forwared,….). Try this with the lengh, GRV, Sta or Pitch. This give a lot of fantasic movements and changes. I hope this helps.B)

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    Update to OS 1.02

    Hi I just did the update to OS 1.02 but for the progress have been come to row 14, line 3 (last green LED which lits), nothing happens anymore.:dry:

    You know why?

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