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    matt avent

    Clustering is awesome and the possibilities are pretty endless but I’ve been left wanting a couple of things:

    Non-looping clusters.

    ie the cluster of tracks plays from whichever page you trigger it from but when it reaches the right most page of the cluster it stops.

    I reckon this would be great from a performance point of view as i find my clusters regularly start a new loop when i don’t want them to cos I miss-time the page mute…

    I wonder whether the row selector buttons on the left could have a third mode in grid view signifying clusters are on but they don’t loop?

    More space!

    Instead of having a blank page mark the end of a cluster why not have a cluster stop/loop page (perhaps by holding down the page button and (double?) clicking stop or something?).

    It could then flash in grid mode (or something) to show it’s a stop/loop point depending on the cluster mode.

    et voila – no more wasted pages!

    Nested Loops!!

    and if we wanted to be really clever we could have these stop/loop points have a loop number (like the machinedrum sequencer) so the sequencer loops back to the start of the cluster (or to a user defined point if it’s not too much a of a headfuck) from that page a defined number of times before eventually passing through it.

    This would enable much longer and more complex arrangements than the current 16 pages allows.

    Just a thought, time for beer ;)



    Gabriel Seher

    Excellent input – thanks Matt!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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