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What I would like to is something like this:

You set a page to participate in "input real-time transposition" (somehow). (Hold Record and tap scale?)

Those pages listen to a specific MIDI Channel/Port (fixed as channel 16 port 2 works for me, but whatever).

When MIDI notes come in on the specified channel, the Octopus listens for the note-off messages and then reassigns the pitches of all participating pages based on the note-on order, first note depressed assigned to row 0, increasing by row, and rows above notes played unaltered.

So: If I hold, say, notes 60, 63 and 67 (in that order), and then release them, upon release, all participating pages have row zero assigned a default pitch of 60, row 1 = 63, row 2 = 67 and all other rows unaltered. After that if I press note 72, row zero is assigned a new value while all other rows maintain their current values.

This way I could keep "all notes functioning as a root note" on row 0, and then preserve their melodic/harmonic function while changing keys by pressing the notes of a chord in ascending order, or reassign row 0’s harmonic/melodic function by pressing the notes down in a different order (for other variations).

Also it should only effect row default pitch, but not step offsets, so that I can transpose things in another manner if I want things to work that way.

This would be PERFECT for how I work, but I know that might not work for everyone.