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    Adam Wilson

    Hi all,

    after some other Octo work I’ve picked up the record rechannel feature, and things are looking good. Here’s how it works right now.


    Tracks put in record select (armed) that have a virtual MIDI channel assigned (blinking LED), do not record MIDI data (but see below). This is also the ‘old’ behavior.

    If multiple tracks are armed (over all the pages), things work like it used to be. That is, incoming midi notes are only accepted and recorded by tracks that have a matching MIDI bus and channel setting.

    If only a single track is armed however, the incoming MIDI data is re-channeled to the track’s bus and channel and accepted and recorded. [New]

    Incoming MIDI data accepted by armed tracks is normally echoed (monitored) over the same bus and channel that it was received on. However, if the data got rechanneled, the incoming data is now echoed over the rechanneled MIDI bus and channel, as expected. [New]

    Incoming MIDI note data accepted by armed tracks is now also echoed (monitored) over the (possibly rechanneled) MIDI bus and channel when in Stop mode (but not recorded). [New]

    Incoming MIDI CC data is now echoed in both Stop and Play mode for armed tracks. [New]

    Incoming MIDI bender data is now echoed in both Stop and Play mode for armed tracks. [New]

    Incoming MIDI pressure data is now echoed in both Stop and Play mode for armed tracks. [New]

    A new command will be added to arm a track, and automtically un-arm all other tracks in all other pages. [New]

    Okay, the above new features greatly enhance the recording experience imo. Now that we can monitor the input of an armed track in Stop mode, you can simply browse through your tracks one by one while playing an external keyboard, and you hear where the MIDI data is going, like you’re used from your DAW. (If a track is armed in a page, and you select another track, the record select state will move to the new track; a feature I only just discovered).
    A MIDI source connected to any of the two MIDI inputs, transmitting on any channel can be used to record into any track. Nice.


    Now here are my questions to you:

    1. Do you think we shoud enable record for tracks that have a virtual MIDI channel set? I think it is possibe, and useful. The only problem is that incoming MIDI data can not be monitored, so recording into such a track would be done silently.

    2. Do you think armed tracks should always echo the MIDI input when in Stop mode? (It is already always on when playing). In DAWs you get the option to set Monitoring to Off, which is useful in some situations. On the Octo/Nemo we don’t have that amount of control in the UI. I think Monitoring for armed tracks in Stop mode should either be always on (my fave) or always off, hard coded in the OS.

    3. Any other suggestions?

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    Sounds good so far. I would even like to see rechannelize available outside of recording, maybe it could be done by arming tracks for record (which triggers the rechannelizing) and then not being forced to actually record when hitting play, so have a second mode where the recording can be "punched-in" during playback?

    So you would choose the type of record mode by clicking or double-clicking when grabbing a track for recording, one click would be normal record, indicated by a solid red LED, double-clicking would select punch-in recording by a blinking red LED. If you hit play while in punch-in recording, it doesn’t actually record until you hit the record button again, and then goes to a solid red LED. This would be more in line with how a DAW works.

    It could even be more simplified, by using the RECORD+PLAY convention of a normal transport control. RECORD+PLAY immediately starts recording, while just PLAY (while recording is armed) starts playback, then you can hit record after playback has started to punch-in.

    Anyways, good work, I hope Gabriel can give it a look and incorporate these changes in a future OS revision!


    Adam Wilson

    Hi rope, ;P

    that’s a good suggestion. I’d go for the regular DAW concept of Play and Record modes indeed. We’re very close now since arming tracks, rechanneling and monitoring works as expected now. The only thing we need is an actual Record mode state, which doesn’t exist yet in the code.

    We may also have a problem with the REC button, which is not only used to arm tracks in combination with the SEL buttons (not a problem), but also to arm a page by using it on its own. Hopefully we can use the PAGE + REC button to arm a page to make the REC button free for the normal DAW use of a Record mode.

    I’ll give that a try!


    My answer to question 2 is "always on".

    Remember to look at what happens to chained tracks, but I am sure you thought about that.

    Great work, looking forward to try it out.

    Adam Wilson

    Thanks for you answer on question #2. ;)

    Afaik the OS already handles chained tracks for record select. I’ve seen code where the record select state is nicely moved to the next row in the chain. But I’ll give it a check.


    A little late here but I’d also vote for "always on". How’s development going?

    Adam Wilson

    Thanks for the vote. It nicely aligns with the current implementation in my beta. ;)

    Development is doing fine! Recording is a breeze now.
    It’s up to God (okay, one step down, Gabriel) to decide what to do with my brewery. ;)


    I vote for always on also…. Everything else sounds good…. thanks for the work…

    Adam Wilson

    Okay guys, all of the above made it into v1.60. Here’s a list of changes:

    Global record mode, as seen on DAWs.

    Track arming, as seen on DAWs.

    Armed tracks have monitoring forced to Mixed mode, where both the track’s own data and data made available on the input are mixed together).

    Tracks can be armed in Stop, Play and Record mode.

    Auto rechannel of MIDI input to MCH of armed track if only 1 track is armed in the page. Multi-record of MIDI input if more than one track is armed for the page. When changing pages, the rules are reconsidered.

    When a page has a dedicated Scaling activated, the monitoring is done scaled as well.

    Armed tracks can be left armed in a page when switching to another page.

    Only the current page is recorded into. The others are ignored.

    Rehearsing. That is, arm a track, play without global Record mode enabled. To actually record, switch on Record mode, play, and switch it off again (or press Stop).

    In Track and TrackMap (and I think) Step mode the REC button automagically arms the track *and* enables global Record mode. So no rehearsing there. Still, it’s a lot of fun to record in Track mode by switching tracks using the MIX rotaries.

    Page record mode (where you can e.g. record into a Step) is now enabled by PAGE+REC.

    Step Record mode (part of Page record mode) now supports monitoring as well.



    Hi Robert
    Thanks for your contributions to 1.6.

    The above was a quite heavy read for me (so many modes of recording I did not know existed, haha).

    Anyway, for those of you new to 1.6, I will have to say that it feels w-a-y simpler than it soundsB).

    The info that I personally rely on regarding the rechanneling on 1.6 is:
    1. In a page, hold track and push record. Now you are rechanneled to the track, but not recording.
    2. Push record. Now you record.

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