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    Lars D. Terkelsen

    We have talked about this before, but I can´t find the thread.

    From my very first experiences with Octo right up to where I am now, I have been wanting this: A way of setting a speed multplier for a whole page.

    I always have stuff like drums spread over a whole page, and it is just a continuous PITA to have to go inside each and every track (10 of them) and set a multiplier if (and this happens a lot) I want a half time or a double time pattern.

    I suggest this:
    Do it in GRID EDIT mode. With your left hand you hold the page button down while you make the appropriate press combination on the > >> >>> buttons.

    This will go fantasticly well hand in hand with grid live mode: Your beat is playing in a page. Make a copy, double time it, BAM, done. Ready to crank out some double time fills.
    Who would have the nerves (or the time) to go into the page and for each of the ten tracks set a clock multiplier when playing live? (And there is not a way AFAIK to, in one glance, to see if you did the multiplying correctly for every page.) This is just not friendly to live performance.

    And just to keep things simple: I think the page multiplier should just overrule any track speed multipliers. If you want individual speeds you should just use the normal procedure.

    Isn´t it about time now?

    Gabriel Seher

    Another nice one Lars! Now we know why we had to wait so long for this one to happen :-) But I am sure it was worth it.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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