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    I’m totally excited at the moments and none of my friends would understand what I’m talking about so I’m talking about it here.

    The Virus TI new OS just came out, with their Atomizer feature, and I just took it for a test drive.

    The Atomizer takes one of the multitimbral parts and turns it into an audio slicer/looper. Basically, it takes the audio from the Virus’ inputs and plays it straight through until it you play a key. Some notes are gates and reverse functions, and some are tempo-related loop lengths, and above that the loop lengths get super small but are pitch-related. You can set it to repeat the loop indefinitely, or resample the audio input after a certain number of loops. If you release the keys it immediately reverts to the input audio.

    The internal effects all function (as well as one of your LFOs and the modulation matrix), but are only applied to looped audio. Unlooped audio is dry.

    The mod wheel is a crossfader, fading looped audio out towards the centre through a filter and bringing the unlooped audio back in, and vice versa from the centre up.

    Because the loop length is decided by note number, the pitch bend wheel also has interesting effects.

    I saw all this when it was announced on youtube but it seemed kind of noisy and uninteresting to me.

    Not so! Because of the effects and matrix implementation, you can do really interesting things like (from their examples) have aftertouch increase the chorus send to the looped audio, or have the pitch bend wheel also increase the reverb send (as you go up and bend the pitch higher, shortening the loop length – it sounds brilliant).

    But the fun part is going to be playing it with the Octopus! Now I route all my other instruments into the Virus’ inputs. As long as I don’t send any note messages, they play through dry. But the notion of sending this channel of the Virus note and controller messages via the octopus has got me all breathless. LIke, hmm, add some randomness to note values and note timing and I can have random little short loops of random length pop in and out – and since the mod wheel can crossfade those loops with the dry sound (via a low or high pass filter) it can be set to be a pretty subtle thing. I was already feeding Reaktor’s Lurker into it and it was making my head spin.

    Guess what I’m doing this weekend? Woo hoo!

    (Seriously, props to Access for the awesome support they’ve given this product! First they unexpectedly dropped five new, complex oscillator modes on us (formant and graintable stuff), and now this! And always a surprise, too. They have earned some serious loyalty from me.)


    Thanks a lot Adam for the good introduction to the 2.7 OS of the TI. My original impression on the slicer was similar to yours, and therefore I havent even bothered to install the Beta, and sure I wasn’t gonna rush to install the final version. Your report changed that view :-) And thanks for the posting, we are not the only ones with the Octopus / Nemo / TI combination around here..



    I own a TI Snow for a couple of months now.
    Can’t wait to combine this with my ordered Nemo and put it to good use.


    Oh my god OS 3 is amazing. The new effects are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Tape Delay + new amazing distortions + Character ftw.


    Installed the new update also yesterday….i especially like the new frequency shifter and distortions.

    Acces is really giving alot of freebies lately. 😆

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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