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    Today I was investigating chained tracks (among other great features:cheer: ).
    I had a bassline on four chained tracks (4 bars of 4/4), but during the development of the music, I realised that "1" should be moved 4 steps to the left. I shifted the one-bar (1 track) drum pattern, but when I shifted the (chained) bass track something happened that I did not expect. All the notes moved, but this changed the note pattern of the bassline because: Changing the POS value of a chained track, rotates the notes inside of each "sub track". E.g. in a two-track chain, notes are rotated 1-16 and 17-32 but not 1-32. This means that a multi chain track will always change note structure if the track is shifted in time (change of POS)(given that the diffent sub-tracks contain differences).

    In many cases this is a really cool feature for re-arranging notes in slightly unpredictable ways, and should definitely be kept. But I am thinking:
    Since there already exists two modes of chained operation ("follow head" and "individual") there might as well be two behaviours of shifting POS in chained tracks, one for each mode. So "individual" mode could retain the current POS shift behavior, and "follow head" mode could have a new behaviour where notes are shifted all the way through all steps of the chained track unit.

    What sayest thou? Personally I think it is one of my not so silly ideas;)


    Sounds like a good idea to me if it’s possible!



    Interesting, and actually consistent with the model! Will pick it up.


    Great! And yes it even makes some logical senseB)

    Where the current behaviour of POS change in chains has the "I am feeling lucky" factor, actually there is indeed an element of happy accident to the new mode too, although it was thought out for seeking "normality":

    Lets say you have two melodic tracks going on different midi channels (to be really conservative we could call them bass and lead:P ). Then you chain them and put them in "Follow head" mode and shift POS ,say, 8 steps and then unchain. Now half of the bassline has moved to the lead track and vice versa. Chaos at your fingertips!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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