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    I frequently struggle with the effect of one note overlapping a following note of the same pitch, with the result that the note-off of the first note kills the second note.
    Example: I record a sequence of chords, lets say they are all on quarter notes of a 2 bar track. Then I quantize them by setting STA to zero, but suddenly I have notes not playing because they were moved just enough to overlap the following note of same pitch.
    Also in other circumstances I run into this situation.

    Now I am thinking: In most cases I would never want this overlapping of equal notes to happen at all, so perhaps there could be a way for the machine to take care of it. What do people think?
    Perhaps it could be taken care of by a non-legato function: Select a track, carry out the non-legato operation (somehow), and all notes of the track will go all the way to, but not overlap, the next note.


    I use legato notes a lot for 303 style sequences, I control the legato by using the EDIT mode and selecting a step (originally recorded in realtime and first doing rough length adjustment by choosing the length in the matrix, then doing fine adjustment by using the LEN encoder.

    Could you just change the length of the offending notes easily with this method rather than a dedicated "non-legato" mode? How many notes are you having to change?
    Maybe such a specific edit function would be too obscure? I would wish for the converse function then, "make legato"! :-)

    Also the handling of legato notes is usually determined by the sound module receiving the notes, whether it will retrigger the amplifier envelopes, or if the synth is monophonic or in mono mode, maybe you can avoid the whole issue?


    Ian Duncan

    I use the ‘ripe’ method all the time and would definitely welcome an easier "make legato" modifier/command.


    Off course it is possible to edit your way out of it, but in terms of live performance and general not-breaking-the-workflow it would be sweet to be able to avoid the moment where certain notes suddenly stops playing just because you adjusted the STA value.

    A non-legato mode would also take care of your legato needs: Apply non-legato and adjust LEN one click more.

    Adam Wilson

    ripe wrote:

    I would wish for the converse function then, "make legato"! :-)

    What about using a double click instead of a single click in the matrix while setting the length of a grabbed step?

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