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    Gabriel Seher

    Dear all,
    the Nemo OS v1.62 is now available in the download area. Let me know what you think.
    Cheers, Gabriel

    Adam Wilson

    Excellent, thanks for letting us know.
    Is there some info somewhere of the updates/fixes?

    Cheers B)

    EDIT: I see it now in the releases section… Hypersteps!!! Sounds exciting :)

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    Andrew Capon

    Hi Guys,

    I have not been able to find any info of how to upload this update to the NEMO.

    Anyone know how?



    Andrew Capon

    Gabriel just emailed me, power on while pressing ESC.

    John Audette

    Do I simply use a Sysex editor and send it over or does Nemo need to be set to a certain mode to accept the data?

    John Audette

    For all those having trouble finding upgrade procedures, here you go:

    How to upload the OS file onto your machine
    Probably the first improvement that you will notice with the new OS
    os that the OS file for version 1.60 does not require any intermediary
    steps, as veteran users may know it from the past.
    The OS file may be sent directly to the machine and received there
    accordingly by the incumbent OS. Note however that it wi! not recognize
    your stored sequence data!!! Now follow these steps:
    1. Boot your machine in System mode. Boot the machine while
    you hold the ESC key pressed. You should see the System screen,
    which is characterized by all LEDs in the MODE block (inside the
    circle) being lit orange. The number displayed in the numeric field
    of the circle denotes your existing OS version. For example, a 140
    will denote the OS version 1.40.
    2. Send the OS file to the machine. Use your favorite SYS-EX
    handling device or software to play the SYS-EX file provided. As
    soon as transmission starts you should see how the machine interface
    gets cleared and behaves like a progress bar indicator.
    3. Acknowledge successful transmission of the OS file. Once
    transmission is complete, make sure you are seeing a clear display,
    with only a red blinking Program LED. This indicates that transmission
    was successful. If you are seeing an orange blinking Program
    LED it means that something went wrong and you need to
    retransmit. Most of the times it helps if you reduce the transmission
    speed on the sender’s end.
    4.Write the new OS file to flash. If you see the red blinking Program
    LED, you may press the Program button and wait for the machine
    to write the new OS file to flash. The process is usually indicated
    by another progress bar. Make sure to let the machine complete
    this operation, or you may render it inoperable! (That is not
    the same as non-recoverable however, just in case you were worried
    that you may have to part with your baby for a while..)
    5. Boot without loading your data from memory. OS version
    1.60 does not understand machine state data generated by previous
    versions of the OS (however, we expect further OS versions to understand
    data generated by OS version 1.60 and later). In order to
    not fill the memory with non-understandable data, you have to
    boot the machine with the CLR button (3rd from top in the MUT
    column) pressed. Now you have a clean machine, and you should
    write this clean state to memory by pressing GRID + Program.
    From here you may resume normal operation of the machine.
    Congratulations! You have successfully updated your instrument to
    what we consider the best operating system there ever was.

    Roderick van Erp

    Tx for the new Firmware Gabriel….works perfectly and loaded without a hitch. B)


    double post

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    I’ve followed the upload instructions step by step and still can’t get my Nemo to work in 1.62.

    When the sysex file transmission is complete and the ‘progress bar’ display is all full of leds, then it clears, but I can’t see the blinking red ‘Program’ led. It remains blinking green as if it was waiting for more messages.

    I’ve tried using the MidiOx and SendSX apps with different delay times, from 0 to 500 ms. I’ve tried different USB ports (I’m using an EMU Midi1x1 as the interface). They all seem to send the sysex file in full but I can’t figure out what is going wrong afterwards.

    Any clues?

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    double post

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    Gabriel Seher

    Do you have the possibility to try another MIDI interface?


    gseher wrote:

    Do you have the possibility to try another MIDI interface?

    Not by now.

    Gabriel Seher

    Can you take a look at the USB route? it is slightly more technical but it is a very safe bet. The document is at the bottom of the software download page. Write me an email if you have any questions.


    I’ve tried another usb-midi interface and it hasn’t worked either.

    If I venture into the usb port upload procedure I’ll let you know the results.

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    Luca Leoni

    Thanks for the new firmware Gabriel. I’m very happy with the new grid-track behaviour!

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