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    Attila Sik

    i have been getting into the monome and now its for sale ( 256 ) …..its cool but very buggy on a pc and also i cant get much sense from the forum or other users about stuff , its early days i think but whats really cool is one or 2 of the apps.

    Checkout a max app called Press cafe……on youtube

    buttons trigger simple note patterns ……

    In simple terms instead of the octopus playing all sequences ( munmuted ) when we press play can we have an option to use our fingers to turn on and off individual sequences by holding a button down and a sequence plays until you let it go style …….)

    So the user ‘ plays ‘ the octopus I in grid track mode so you could ‘ play ‘ the tracks …….i think whats missing from the octopus more than anything now is the ability to bypass ‘ play = play all sequences unmuted ‘ and instead have it so you have to hold down track buttons to get the tracks to start ( until you let go ) .This would be amazing in grid track mode ( the mode i hassled you to create and which you did !:)

    the tenori allows this now in one of its modes also ……..

    solo mode i think its called…..i think the octopus could maybe take a step to the side and shift into some of this territory but to be able to ‘ play ‘ tracks………hold down buttons in grid track mode to play tracks would be amazing…..i just allows the feeling your playing the sequences more and means you can improvise quicker…..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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