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    Hi, I thought I would echo (sic) with this post to
    discuss another feature request I mentioned elsewhere.

    In any case, I can understand the need for MIDI echo
    as it is quite useful. But I also think we need to be able to enable/disable it as well.

    So, perhaps in the "System" pages we could have this
    function available as a Global feature (MIDI echo on/off) and then as LDT suggests, allowing MIDI echo on/off per track or page as well?

    This would be of great use for those of us using
    vintage gear, that doesn’t always respect MIDI protocols
    as well. But then we have the option to allow it for
    those instruments that do. I doubt it is a difficult
    process to add functionality for but I don’t know for
    certain. So far there’s at least two of us who
    could use this feature – anyone else?!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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