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    Adam Wilson

    This is a request to introduce two new commands that allow the user to read and write a given page directly from/to flash ROM.


    I’m running and tweaking a song (maybe during a live show) and after a couple of edits I completely f’d up a page. It’s beyond help and I need it restored. Of course I forgot to enable the PLAY function so that’s no help. And even with the future single-step undo mechanism, the page would still be lost, since I did a number of bad things to it. How to restore this single page? And without stopping the song?


    After some nice tweaks I have this beautiful pattern running in a page. I want to save it for later, this page only. But I do NOT want to stop the machine, go to grid mode and wait for the whole content to be stored. I just want to save this particular page, while the machine keeps running.


    The trick is to allow for read and write operations to the persistent flash ROM at page granularity. These are relatively small amounts of data that can be read and written relatively fast, and hopefully whithout stopping the machine.

    If possible, the save operation should save the contents of the original page to some safe place before the new contents is written into, allowing for a single step undo. In the same vein, the page load operation should allow for an undo step.


    To keep things simple, a page can only be read from -, or written to its own slot in the persistant storage. To SAVE a page, grab the page in grid mode and press the Program button. To LOAD (restore) a page, grab the page in grid mode and press the X (big undo) button.

    It would also be nice if the read/write functions are available from within page mode.

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    Adam Wilson

    Note sure if I should call it LOAD/SAVE or READ/WRITE page.
    Also, the X button for loading a page is a bad choice, I know. Suggestions for another button very welcome. I wanted to the two buttons (Program and the other) to be placed on very different places on the circle to avoid mistakes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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