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    rachel polanskis

    using the USB to update the OS gave me a crazy idea.
    Would it be possible to upload information into the Octopus as a file:

    1) to contain personal and private information, address, contact, serial number etc
    to allow the Octopus to identified if it is lost or stolen

    2) A text file to turn on and off features in the Octopus eg
    A config file to enable certain functions to allow the Octopus to perform a certain way:

    blink_rate = how fast the cursor blinks
    command_set = eg remapping certain buttons to different features
    compatibility_mode = settings to use certain "modular" functions perhaps
    obsoleted by a previous OS release that a user likes and wants to maintain

    So for example then you would edit your text config file, upload it via USB
    and then it would set certain defaults, features and settings personal to the user.

    For example it could be useful to have a beta version of the code that can be
    enabled with a config setting – the user enables it by editing/upload the config
    or disables the feature they do not want to use.

    Or premapped CC’s could be defined in the file, overriding any defaults.

    Or whatever parameter could be exposed from the API, read from the file and set….

    If the code is modular enough, this could be used to make Octopus kind of "pluggable" so that you select what modules you want (eg some mad hyperstep
    templates) and then the Octopus loads them in via the config and default settings.

    More memory intensive processes the user does not use could be disabled or
    armed to be as deadly as you want.

    Users could share config settings or maps by file to be supported via a common
    standard eg name:value pairs and module lists.

    I do not know how hard this would be to implement but it sort of seems a logical’
    jump in how we could use/configure/personalise the Octopus and given how modular
    it seems the code is already.



    Great Idea Rachel !
    hopefully Gabriel will be back soon to comment

    matt hillier

    nice ideas !

    paul wrote:

    Great Idea Rachel !
    hopefully Gabriel will be back soon to comment
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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