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    I think there must be an obvious place to look for this, and I’m looking for suggestions, because I’m drawing a blank.

    My Octopus is crashing when I’m playing with controllers on my Virus. The Virus is coming in port 1. It hasn’t crashed when I play with the controllers on anything else, but that could be luck.

    The "crash" involves the Octopus continuing to play and appearing to function normally, but no longer transmitting any note messages for the steps on all tracks, all pages, all MIDI channels and ports. It’s quite weird, because if you go into play mode and test the note transmission, it will send a note, but the sequenced notes no longer play. Resetting seems to be the only solution.

    The first time it happened I was playing the pitch wheel and did have a single track record-armed, but it has since happened while playing other controllers, and without any tracks armed.

    Any thoughts?

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    *bump* anyone?


    Hi Adam, sorry for the quiet.
    Assuming you have the OS version 1.60 installed. what is the subversion of the 1.6 OS you have? If it is .27 please install the one on the server now – which is .32 and try again.
    This was an issue that I could not reproduce on .27 any more, but then found something in the code that didn’t look as strong as it should have. It is fixed in .32. If you are seeing this with .32 we should talk in more detail. Please let us know how it goes.

    PS. The subversion number is shown in row 0 when you are looking at the "screen" displaying the version number.

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    Okay, I was on the older version. I’ve installed the new one and we’ll see what happens.

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