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I was thinking about the "sets equation" method as earlier described. I used this method (sort of) in one of my earlier experiments in Artwonk, a program were you can make your own stepsequencer (and many more midi stuff) in software. This method don’t use chord analysis as such, but tries to force the sequence note directly to the nearest input chord note.

It all comes down if a certain number in the sequence set has a nearest or perfect equivalent in the chord input set. I named this the "note distance". The "maximum allowed distance" (MAD, yes I know it’s crazy :blink: ) was a another parameter I could set, so I could experiment with different note distances.

In practice this turns out to be a loop for each chord input note we have, so:

note distance = 0 + MAD, we have a perfect match, so keep sequence note as it is.
note distance = 1 + MAD, we have a near match, sequence note is forced to chord note
note distance = 2 + MAD, we have a "lesser" near match, keep this in mind, maybe we find a more appropiate candidate in the next loop.
note distance = 3 + MAD, now we are too far, keep sequence note as it is.

NB: in this scenario the lowest note was always the transpose note. It was a bit fiddly to use, and sometimes you did get unexpected but beautiful results.

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