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gseher wrote:

It seems that zinoff’s points are covered functionally (we will get to the user interface point in the next iteration): page transpose from Page mode and scale transpose from page mode. This is stuff you can (shortly) do natively on the machine.
Still to investigate: should access to these two functions be combined on one panel mode to give more immediate control? And what is here desirable? Zinoff? Anyone?

I’ve played around with the Page pressed and pitch circle (note selection) and it works fine even when in scale mode(this is the functionality I hadn’t spotted originally), it’s just a bit cheesy since it transposes always up unless you hit C first to change octave… If we could find a way to transpose/wrap the octave around an ideal note (ie, tone of C G=-5/Ab=-4…D=+2/D#=+3…) it would be more musical.

That’s where the scale base (scale transpose) could come handy… The scale base could set the note to wrap around from.

Next, I think for the scale transpose, we can either:
1. double click the note from the circle (but I think you are using double click on C for transpose),
2. implement it a-la chord transpose way, but it’s less immediate.
3. or akin to existing PAGE-Pitch click, do Scale -pitch click, or MOD-pitch click (or something along this line).