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This is getting really, really productive. Thanks guys!

It seems that zinoff’s points are covered functionally (we will get to the user interface point in the next iteration): page transpose from Page mode and scale transpose from page mode. This is stuff you can (shortly) do natively on the machine.
Still to investigate: should access to these two functions be combined on one panel mode to give more immediate control? And what is here desirable? Zinoff? Anyone?

Now on to the effect of incoming MIDI (Record active in SCL mode), and including here also the virtual channel use case, just to keep it separate.
In MOD mode, you have transposition of scale, just like in native mode.
The tricky part is in Select mode. Here my proposal from my understanding:
Using Lars’ definition of left-hand notes (lhn) and right-hand notes (rhn), the active rhn override the current scale. Means, no rhn, no overriding (leave hold aside for now), and the sequence plays in its already set scale.
Lhn input has the same effect as if it was coming in while in MOD mode.

My question is now: since rhn input will contain at most 5 notes (fingers), does that mean that my sequence will be forced to a scale of at most 6 notes (1 base + 5 on top)?
How would I achieve an 8-note scale then? Coming back to the point where extrapolating from the input would make sense after all.

Let me know how far off I am from what you feel is desirable.