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Do you mean I should learn hot wo use scales in the first place? :whistle:

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If I use the preset major scale it’s specified on C Major, from there if I want to do the C/Am/F/G chord progression I have to go to the grid, or select all tracks and twiddle with the pitch.

This is my question:
How do I get let’s say the F# Major scale from the presets? (my idea was to transpose the scale)

On the side, my other questions are:
what is MOD suppose to do?
why CAD on my machines sets the track pitch to something almost always to 1.5 tones down [e.g. base track in C, enabling CAD and hitting C on the pitch ring the track is transposed to A, when I hit G it transposes to E]

Dunno, let me know, it was probably a silly idea to start with. Cheers.

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