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Just for the record, I must point out that after failing miserably with the sysex update, I tried the USB update and it worked like a charm (under windows XP). Don’t be put off by the technicalities of the paper that describes this procedure… It was much easier than I thought (and I’m a complete noob with computers).

Just a word of advice… when following Step 4, "Write the OS file from RAM to FLASH", when the manual tells you to input the following command in Hyperterm:

[code:1]Octopus> fis create -b 0x00010000 -l
0x00070000 -f 0x01820000 OCT_OS.elf[/code:1]

…if you’re a Nemo user, you have to input this one instead:

[code:1]Octopus> fis create -b 0x00010000 -l
0x00070000 -f 0x01820000 NEMO_OS.elf[/code:1]

That’s it. Hypersteps are a blast!

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