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In the illustration, you would see the steps in the matrix as they are now, until you "grab" a step.

Once a step is grabbed, it would show the length in steps using green LEDs and anywhere it overlaps an existing step it would show as an orange LED.

While you have the step grabbed, the length could be modified using the encoder (as it works now) or the length could be selected by clicking a second step to designate the end of the note. The green LEDS would now extend (or contract) to show that the length is now set to the new length. When the step is released (ungrabbed) it reverts to showing just the single step where the note is triggered, the normal matrix view.

Hope that clears it up. This also takes care of the fingered legato because you could just set a step to "overlap" another by grabbing a step and then clicking the step you wish to legato (?) with.


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