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George Stobbelaar

I definitely like that idea. The option to choose sync or not sync would be very important. It would make the octopus even more an experimental input device as it is already. Reminds me of the Buchla Thunder, but the Octopus would make it easier to program and more complex. Great idea!!

mattishq wrote:

duncandisorderly wrote:

oohh…. I get it…. so they’d still be synchronised but at step-level rather than bar level?

yeah that kind of thing duncan – maybe the option to choose whether the track fired remains synced to clock and starts on the next step but also the option to have no sync at all to clock and use the octopus to ‘ play ‘ sequences like some mad keyboard wizard all out of sync . . . for ambient music out of sync is wonderfull – like out of sync tape loops . i use the octopus loads to trigger cycles of slow attack sounds and stuff like this with tracks cycling in usual ways that never seem to repeat.

. . .. . . . . . . . i am drifting but it would be great to have both the ability to ‘ fire ‘ tracks in gridtrack mode both in sync and out of sync.