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Personally, I feel the new edit mode (Berlin-style) is necessary. I don’t use the other edit mode (where any step press plays that note) at present, but I can certainly conceive of uses for it (using an Octopus page to replace a conventional keyboard, which I have considered doing – performance-wise, watching someone play an Octopus is mysterious while watching someone play keyboards is familiar).

So I think they’re all necessary, but if you’re having trouble navigating, maybe we could have both edit modes but have some sort of grid-mode selection method where you can toggle which one is active. That is, on Grid, a certain button combo toggles between the two styles above for any page set to edit. That way you still have access to everything, but in page mode we reduce the number of modes to cycle through, and if you only use one of them you never have to worry about the other.

(Note I’m at work and might have used "edit" where I should have used "preview", or something. Don’t have a manual here.)