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    Auto demix by channel if multitrack recording

    My Logic simultaneous recording channel mapping issues have been simply solved
    by the following apple support post (reproduced below)



    I assume your instruments have already been defined.

    Recording on Multiple MIDI Tracks

    You may occasionally want to record multiple MIDI tracks at the same time. Often, this will be data recorded from an external sequencer, or played from a keyboard that is split across multiple MIDI channels.

    You can also simply play the same MIDI channel information from your keyboard, but record it to multiple tracks. One reason why you would do this is to create layered instrument parts.

    To record regions on several MIDI tracks:

    • Switch on the Record Enable buttons of the tracks you wish to record to.
    Note: Selecting an external MIDI or instrument track which is not record-enabled will turn off the record-enabled status of all other external MIDI or instrument tracks.
    Record-enabled audio tracks are not affected.

    There are two operating modes available for simultaneous recording of multiple MIDI tracks: Layer or Multiplayer recording.

    • When Layer Recording: Incoming MIDI events are sent to all record-enabled MIDI tracks. You can listen to all selected instruments before, and during, recording.
    • A MIDI region is created on the selected track after recording.
    • Aliases of the MIDI region on the selected track are recorded on the other tracks.
    The advantage of this approach is that any subsequent edits to the “parent” MIDI region will affect all aliases, ensuring that all layered tracks remain identical.

    • When Multiplayer Recording: Incoming MIDI events are distributed to the various record-enabled tracks, in accordance with transmitted MIDI channel numbers.
    • The channel of the incoming event must correspond to the channel of a record-enabled track, in order for this functionality to work.
    • If no track with a corresponding channel number is found, the event will be routed, and recorded, onto the selected track.

    You should ensure that each of your MIDI controllers transmit on different channels. If this is not possible, simply use different inputs on your MIDI interface, and change the MIDI channel of each input, using a transformer object between the Physical Input and Sequencer Input.

    To switch from the Layer recording mode (default) to Multiplayer recording mode:
    • Switch on the File > Project Settings > Recording > “Auto demix by channel if multitrack recording” option.


    (thanks Brazeca – gk)

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    greg kernaghan

    thanks rachel… that would be awesome!


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    greg kernaghan

    Dear Rachel

    I’m a SE Qld based Octopus newby struggling with the Logic multi-timbral implementation of my octopus.

    I have read and attempted to follow your posts on this with the channel splitter environment solution, but am still stuck.

    Is there any way I could perhaps call you to solve this one over the phone (happy to Paypal some dosh for your time) please?

    Thanks very much Rachel

    Greg Kernaghan
    0409 979899

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