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    George Stobbelaar

    step event on position, step event on Pitch step, event on direction; choose a simple pattern including some muted and empty steps; this is realy deterministic chaos; it’s fantastic how suddenly a certain pattern becomes dominant and then disolves again, realy unpredictable. Stephen Wolfram would be amazed!


    I don’t follow this. Can you break it into steps, here?

    George Stobbelaar

    adam wrote:

    I don’t follow this. Can you break it into steps, here?

    I am interested in using "cellular automata" for creating musical structures – and Stephen Wolfram is one of the main explorers of these mathematical "entities": rule based mathematical systems with discrete states which can generate very complex patterns from a few simple rules like the famous "Game of Life" algorithm.
    So my basic pattern is the "entry pattern" of a system of f. e. 16 states. The step event-function is the "rule" which changes the states of the system. with another step event on pitch I create another "dimension of change" With another step event on direction and/or on amount I actually create a "meta-rule" because the rule "or the way change happens" is changed by another rule…..
    I know this is not at all important for composing nice and interesting music – or it is??? – so it’s perhaps bit OT.


    Wolfram tones is very cool…

    I thought along the same lines when I saw the Octopus grid and put two and two together…

    Big interest of mine also…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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