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    matt hillier

    Hi , can i ask anyone how i find out what com port the octopus i have connected to my pc is on ? attempting a usb update to 1.62 and my pc is saying ‘ unrecgonised device ‘ for the octopus , no lights are on at all , i tried connecting to the hyperterminal after installing the vc….drivers and doing the reset etc but cant see any text in hyperterminal…….i am guessing next stop is dhl…….

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    As far as I can remember ,not having my octopus beside me,you can check
    which com port by going to ‘device manager’ .Control Panel-System-Device
    Manager ,after connecting the octopus and clicking the ‘View’ tab,then ‘Devices by connection’,scrolling through the tree and opening the various usb tags,your com port is probably 7. This is explained in the pdf for the driver instillation.
    Sounds like maybe reinstall the driver.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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