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    I wrote this some time ago in the thread "Various findings":

    If you work with several track chains in one page, I find it a bit annoying (and would be bad for playing live) that all chains retrigger every time the X button is pressed (which would be every time you either make or brake a chain). I cant see that there is any good points in this retrigger behaviour.

    I just rediscovered this issue and it is still annoying:P

    To say that the chained tracks retirgger is not precise though. But if a chain is playing its lower track when another chain action is carried out with the X button, the cursor of that chain jumps to the upper track. This will off course upset whatever was playing, and if you are in sync to something else, you will have to stop and start again.

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    This is now fixed as well, and included in the next OS release.

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