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    Kent Iverson

    Hello Fellow (and Lady) Octonerds,

    Simple Problem description:

    I play (or use the arpeggiator to generate) a 3 note sequence (or any number of notes) from my Kawai K5000S into the Wretch Machine’s built-in Synhouse MIDIjack. Everything is fine.

    I record that same sequence into the Octopus in parallel and at the same time. I can stop the sequencer and connect the Octo directly to the Wretch & when the Octopus plays the sequence to the Wretch, the Wretch hangs on notes & has all kinds of other weird problems such as ‘slurring’ or tying notes together. I have to ‘reset’ the Synhouse in order to get things to stop hanging. It only takes about 2-3 seconds for this to happen. I don’t think that the issue is related to the Synhouse since the exact same sequence works fine when played from the Kawai. I could be wrong though as my other MIDI to CV interface does not suffer from this issue. I’ve tested this by copying the same sequence to another track and playing it on a different MIDI channel, in parallel to the Wretch’s, and all is good there. And again, to be clear, everything is fine when the Wretch is driven by the Kawai & my Korg EMX-1 for that matter.

    I’ve tried altering Note Length, Velocity, and other things. This does change the sound to some degree, but doesn’t alleviate the hanging and stuck notes.


    Octopus Vampire OS: 1.6 (whatever it shipped with. I haven’t updated it)
    Tempo in this case: 130 BPM

    Ideas? Thoughts?

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    Lars D. Terkelsen

    Have you set the LEN value of the track to 9? This is the "center" or zero position where the track LEN value does not alter the step values.

    If the recorded notes are quantized (originally) you also want to quantize them in the Octo. Do this by turning track STA to zero.

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    Kent Iverson

    Thanks, Lars.

    I verified that they are indeed on ‘9’.

    I’ve had a couple of long email exchanges with the developer for the MIDIJack II. Odd stuff. I think that it is specific to the MIDI Jack at this point and I’ll have to dig around there.

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