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    Hi all. Noob here, still very early days exploring the Nemo.

    I have a question about step skip. It seems to be implemented strangely, or perhaps I am missing something.

    When you un-skip a step, it seems to always go to off (ie the led is not lit). Surely it should un-skip to active (ie green) if it was active when it was skipped.

    Also, it would be great if you could skip and unskip steps at the same time. For example, if you hold down a green LED step, and a red LED step, then hit MUT, the red turns green and the green turns red. My Sequentix P3 can do this.

    As it is implemented, skip seems primarily a way of setting track length, and not to make subtle alterations to timing and melody which skip can be so effective in doing.


    Hi. Another observation on this.

    I note the manual says to hold the step(s) then press MUT. Holding a step that is green turns it off of course. Then the MUT turns it red.

    There is also the (undocumented?) way which is to click and hold MUT first, then press the step(s). This turns them red instantly. Hence is a better way to skip.

    However, in both cases, clicking them to turn them on reverts them to off, not to green. It takes an extra click to switch them on, by which time often the step has triggered with an unwanted gap.

    I really hope there is a way round this. :)

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    OK, one issue with pressing MUT first then the step(s) to skip is that if you have some tracks muted, it un-mutes all the tracks!

    So, back to plan A – select step(s) then click MUT.

    I’m clearly missing something here. It can’t be right that you have to mute steps before skipping them.

    Apols if I sound negative – I’m not. I really like the Nemo. I am just finding this whole skip implementation very bizarre. :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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