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    …now I have my Octopus for about nine months – and as I have very limited time lately, things that I have been reading and doing with it in the beginning are only faintly available to me now…

    …so, with my halfbaken knowledge of the machine and its workings I’d really look forward to some genoQs-organised workshops with lessons, experimentation and user-exchange…perhaps a one day event would be sufficient for starters…

    …is there something like this on the horizon? Could something like this be planned for the not too distant future (christmas-time comes to my mind ;o)?


    Gene Schwartz

    Funny you mention this – I was thinking the same just a few moments ago.

    Today I treated myself with a Novation Nocturn controller, and after my own (pathetic) attempts figuring stuff out myself, I found out that there was a complete tutorial on YouTube for the Nocturn. Very hands on and after 20 minutes or so – I now completely understand how it’s working.

    Now, I am quite aware that the Octopus is a very different piece of equipment, and much more versatile. But I must say video tutorials are nothing less than wonderful.

    I know there are some stuff on YouTube on the Octopus, but may I suggest that there might be some more? It would be wonderful to see Genoqs twiddling away. I would even be prepared to pay for it as well.

    Just a thought.



    Ein Workshop (in deutsch) würde meine Octopus-Kaufentscheidung bestimmt erleichtern.
    Im süddeutschen Raum wäre ich bestimmt dabei!!!!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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