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    i describe my setup:
    very simple to explain my problem.
    First page 1 Track normal speed 4x 1/4 notes
    Second Page 2 chained Tracks in double speed 4 x 1/2 Notes ( i set the note Lenght compare to first track a littlebit longer, in the map show to full value )
    In the grid-track mode i manage the Pages to play one after another.
    But there is not on beat !
    I think in the switch between the pages is a gap or a moment Delay.
    is there an Solution for me.
    sorry for my bad english


    what version of the o/s are you using? I haven’t noticed this problem, but then I tend to use the octopus on it’s own… maybe the problem only shows itself when you are using the octopus with other equipment..


    Thanks for the reaction. I have version 1.00 and have also to the test nothing else connect to as e.g. a Kawai piano or one emu 5000. but my OS hooks much nevertheless somewhat. I could never dump (with MidiOX or Miditempplayer) to update my OS. I had only sucsess over USB to write directly the *.elf Datei in to the memory.


    Hi miditeur,
    I have tried the scenario you describe but could not (yet?) reproduce the problem.
    Also, I am using OS 1.02. Now – a few things we may want to try:

    – can you please check the page length parameters for the chained pages? It may be that somehow they got offset.
    – can you check if the problem persists with no track chaining and and only normal track clock (multiplier 1)?
    – can you possibly upgrade to OS 1.02? Not entirely sure if that will solve it, but as I mentioned, it has no problems here.


    PS. to get the .elf file of the OS you may want to use the provided link of the .mid file and change the ending to .syx

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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