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    I know from the website the physical dimensions
    of the octopus are 700 x 450 x 140 mm, but
    I just want to know if the 450mm part includes
    the control box on the back of the unit or not.

    I am measuring up 2 spaces where I may put this,
    either in my keyboard rack where I will swap
    a couple of instruments around or on my desk,
    where I would have to move my current controller
    (a Moog Phatty).

    What is the actual depth of the Octopus from the
    front leg to the back leg so I can measure whether
    it will fit on my desk with the control box
    sort of slid under the shelf of my desk?

    The clear space on my desk, for a unit to sit
    squarely on it is about 37cm. So if the Octopus
    sits on my desk, the box on the back would have to
    slide under the shelf above, where my monitor is.

    I don’t want to install this with the front hanging
    over the edge of my desk, so I am doing all my
    planning now! I have paid off about 30% of the
    unit so it will be here in November!



    I am bumping this because I need to know!



    Ok, I can give et a shot: The "control box" is an integral part of the Octo. Therefore I am in no doubt that the dimensions given are all inclusive.

    Sorry, but I am not near an Octo now.

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    Adam Wilson

    Just measured the depth of my Octo, and the total depth is 445mm, and that includes the control box, the thing that has all the connectors. With only 37cm of desk space, the shelve would have to be at least 125 mm high in order to get the Octo placed partly under that shelve. That is, I went 370 mm ‘down’ the side panel and measured the height at that place. Give or take a few mm.


    Hmmm, the Octopus, from the front to the back,
    including the control box is exactly the same dimensions
    as my Minimoog.

    At the moment, I have a Little Phatty on my desk
    but I am hoping I can squeeze the Octopus on there instead.
    I will measure the height of the shelf tonight and see
    if it is more than 125mm!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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