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    In response to the "gigging with the Octopus" thread I would like to say that I am all for anything that pushes the Octopus more into a instrument and not a playback machine…

    For me the Octopus really allows me to "start from scratch" and still crank out a non-repetitive on the fly set with good melodic progressions etc… basically already and so much so that I am embarking on playing out with it sans-keyboard and still rocking the house…

    Can we push it to a point where we do not need pre-recorded material because you are a Musician skilled with a device that can crank it out on demand?

    So prioritize note entry, scale stuff, tempo stuff (tap) and down prioritize saving set storage etc…

    So less " I just loaded my bass page progression, unmuted it and the house went wild" to more "I just entered in a sick bass page progression, unmuted it and the house went wild"

    A difference in two paths of gray makes all the difference….

    In summary: The more shades of gray away from a ADAT machine playing pre-recorded audio (midi), the better, I say.

    All is good though… boy what a rant!!


    This is what I want out of it too,
    except anything I do has to be reproducible at some level, but I also want a little unpredictability
    but not chaos.



    I think that’s exactly where it is, though, no? From my point of view, anyway.


    let’s not create a new omnichord…


    Hah! Humor well taken…

    And yes, the Octopus is great as an improvisational tool… like I said above….

    Again in response to the "gigging" thread…

    Seems some feel it is risky to not have pre-set material… and it is…no doubt about it.

    And some feel "But it would be wicked to be really constructing and editing sequences live."

    Which I guess is the "paradigm" I wanted to voice support for… and mainly for the creators of this wonderful box to hear support for I what I think was Gabriels comments towards that direction; many seemed to not agree with his comments vibe… but I do…

    I think someone could be fast enough with it to crank it out.. a real testament to the UI and functional design… simple yet powerful….


    Keep duping…

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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