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    Gene Schwartz

    Hello everybody, I just wanted to make myself known and say hello to you all. I got my Octopus one week ago, and it’s already changing the way my music sounds like. It is definately one of the most intresting pieces of hardware I have ever bought.

    It’s logical and well thought-out use is making the use very intuitive indeed (although, I can occationally find myself losing track of everything whats going on, but I’m sure that’s just a matter of getting used to it).

    Anyway… got a little questions when I’m at it. The MIDI Maps – are they supposed to be saved when you save a new internal state? Did that but when I tried to start controlling my synths again after reboot – they were all initialized.

    Well. All the best to you all!



    Sounds like you got a Black Sea too, not?
    Welcome to the party, I also just joined.
    Let´s rock,n,rooo , – ahem, lets make some wierd sh*t and have fun!

    Gene Schwartz

    Thanks mate! Actually no – I "just" have the Classic version with brown wooden sides. :)
    Anyway – read your post about the groove function. Brilliant post.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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