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    Hello everybody,
    On monday I got bitten by a Vampire and, as usual with this species, I immediately fell in love …
    Since that day we have been spending the nights together, usually until the early mornings in order to get to know each other. The rest of my family, which is still on holiday doesn’t know anything about it …

    However, in trying to port some synth sequences from an Elektron Machine Drum which up until now Ive been using for I ran into a serious problem:

    My setup (still in progress):

    Vampire Out1 into Machinedrum into Merger
    Vampire Out2 into Merger
    Merger into KentonPRO2000
    PRO2000 2xGate/CV + 6Aux into analog synths and drum Module
    PRO2000 KADI into mod. 606
    Drum Audio comes from Machinedrum/606/Analog drum module.

    The synths are sequenced exclusively by the Vampire
    The drums are part on the MD and part on the Vampire
    Each Page on the Vampire includes a Basic Track for the MD where some trigger notes, but most important the different patterns are changed via program change on the on the MD.
    After some digging in the manual I found everything I needed, BUT:

    As I toggle between pages during playback, the pattern on the MD is recalled only after the second "1". This means the 16 (or how many ever) steps are running through and only on the second repeat the PChange message is spit out, in other words MD pattern changes are 16 steps behind, no matter how I arrange the sequences. I also tried to put a trigger note on the 1 but no differences (most of the tracks are configured but still empty of notes).
    After focusing on this issue I also found the reason:
    MD has the same operation for pattern change: once initiated, the program change is executed on the next 1. So when Vampire sends out the PC, it comes too late to be processed immediately and the pattern runs thru once without change.

    There’s still 15days until vampire and me will have a dance in the big city, and I want the Vampire to lead MD, not the other way round. (I also tried to sync from the MD into Vampire but ran into serious problems when trying to change pages in the grid)


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    After some in-depth discussion with Klaus on the phone, it appears that we may have a solution here. I will ask Klaus to evaluate it and tell us how it works for him, once he gets around to trying it out.
    Thanks again Klaus for all the good input and pointers!

    Gabriel Seher

    I think we are all set on this one and Klaus made a happy impression after testing out the provided fix.

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