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    Adam Wilson

    My Nemo seems to often go out of alignment when I click to edit a page, from grid mode.

    It happens, when I am jamming on the grid, and I double click a page. Then the tracks seem to go out of alignment and I have to press play to get things aligned again.

    Also, if there are chained tracks in the page, sometimes the order gets mixed up, i.e. one track will repeat taking the page out of sequence (by 16 steps). Does that make sense?

    Anyone else have these problems?


    Carlos Dalla-Fiore

    yes and there a few other quirks..POS rotating can result in different pitches i believe.

    To avoid the misaligned pages enter "edit" mode (orange flashing) then double click. I’ve already got this in muscle memory and dont double click in the green toggle mode or whatever its called.

    Or hold page and the choose but i’m not sure if this only works if your already in page level, not grid.

    Adam Wilson

    seems to be that when double clicking on edit mode, it just goes straight in, but when double clicking in start/stop/switch mode (whatever its called) it restarts the page … kinda makes sense in a way……. need to get used to making sure the light is flashing when I wanna edit.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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