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    Hi, I’m anxiously waiting for my Octopus. Thankfully a tax return is going to help pay for it. While I am waiting I have
    some technical questions regarding MIDI on the Octopus.

    1) Channel splitter in Logic
    I know I can use the Channel Splitter in Logic to do some of my
    MIDI routing. The Channel Splitter is limited to 16 MIDI channels, which can route anywhere. If I want to route
    more than 16 devices, do I use the second MIDI port on the
    Octopus? If so, what problems will I have connecting
    these to my Emagic interfaces? Can I set the Octopus up
    to send/receive MIDI clock on only one Port? Am I going to
    have latency issues if, for example I assign Port 1 on the Octopus to an AMT8 in the chain and the assign Port 2 to
    a second AMT further down the chain on a free port (I have 3 AMT/Unitors!).

    2) Do I then create a second Channel Splitter in Logic
    to handle the overflow of MIDI channels? This sounds logical to me.

    3) The Octopus can’t send so much MIDI it will overload the

    4) Are there any setup programs, applets etc to help
    assist in setting up/assigning all my hardware to various
    channels/tracks on the Octopus? Some sort of clickable
    program that allows me to assign a MIDI routing map
    that can then upload to the Octopus would be useful….

    5) are there plans to use the USB interface in the future
    as a MIDI port of some sort? If so, how many MIDI ports/channels might it support?

    Thanks very much – I just can’t wait to get this!



    If you have read this thread: http://genoqs.net/index.php?option=com_joomlaboard&Itemid=50&func=view&id=866&catid=2
    – you will know that many of us rely on hardware midi patchbays. I will not say that it is mandatory (also I don´t know in detail what you will try to accomplish) but by reading your questions, I get the feeling that you may be a candidate for getting one.
    Remember that most people are moving (or have moved) away from midi, so a s/h midi patchbay should be dirtcheap. My friends Ensonic KMX-16 had been collecting dust for years, but now it has made a strong unexpected comeback in my studio!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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