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    Brent Parker

    I have just recently got a nemo and am exploring it with abandon. I have just updated it to 1.62. Now I have a few questions that I am having trouble with…

    Step note recording – I am having trouble getting this to work. It says in the manual "in the Page mode, press the REC key, and you should see it blink orange" I can’t get the LED to turn orange at all, no matter which page mode I am in (I’m not sure what to call the specific page modes that have a solid green edit button, a blinking green, and a blinking orange)

    Where does the data live? Where specifically, does event data reside? I’m assuming that it’s the step, but I want to make sure that steps aren’t an offset of the track default.

    Sysex – is there documentation anywhere that has the sysex data for the nemo? primarily I would like to turn pages in the grid mode or ticks in the page mode on and off via mid sysex messages. I am curious, because I would like to make something resembling a monome emulator.

    Roderick van Erp

    By my knowledge you do the following :
    – Push Page button

    – Edit should be green…no blinking

    – Press Rec button..should blink orange now

    – Holding a step on the matrix, and playing a key on your keyboard will
    assign the note data (including velocity) to the selected step.

    – To record more than just one step in a take, simply keep playing on
    your keyboard and you should see the played notes fill in one after

    Explaining edit modes :
    – Green : The step buttons toggle the step states

    – Orange blinking : Edit state, MIDI data of the
    steps is played out of the MIDI port as it is, grab a step to tweak its attributes

    – Green Blinking : Edit Perform State, EDIT PERFORM is actually similar to the EDIT state, with the exception that no MIDI data is transmitted when you operate on the matrix. This is particularly interesting for the Berlin School type of performances.

    Brent Parker

    Ah got it now — I have to press and hold the page button when pressing the record button to get it to blink orange. Thanks Prime NL.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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