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    I keep returning to that tutorial but seem not to get it. Is this text suggesting that for emulating a notron sequencer, you should, errr, use a notron sequencer? Cannot be, can it?

    Can someone help me with a tip and tell me what I don’t get? Many thanks!

    matt hillier

    i am pretty sure one of the manuals has a detailed explanation on doing super steps.It does help to know what supersteps are which is pretty much lots of pre programmed lfo like waveshapes the notron could map to steps and then adjust the speed of , the results created cover everything from super fast trills as each step note plays to slower wavey conroller info , its a very simple yet very cool idea that for me was 9/10ths of the notron charm , that and dial in shifting of tracks positions in real time .

    I am drifting but to do it on the Octopus requires you place one page a controller of superstep page , get the tracks chained and running at super fast speed multiple and then draw in a controller curve , map to pitch and mess around . . . .yeah i never tried it !

    zahir manek

    how do you map to pitch without putting in steps that trigger pitch on the superstep track? is there a pitch cc or something?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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