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    This is my first post, I’m just awaiting for my new Octopus to arrive but i have a query that any other cubase 4 users might be able to help with.

    I want to slave cubase to the octopus but according to the cubase manual it will not work as a slave with midi clock because they say it’s no stable enough, has anybody here managed to run an octopus as a master and cuabse as a slave?, if so could you tell me how you did it?



    You might want to try the other way: Octo synced to your DAW. That is what works for me, and the reason is:

    Timing difference between the tracks played by Octo and the tracks that was played by Octo but you now recorded them into the DAW.
    Of course it depends on your workflow and what you are trying to accomplish.
    I build up a bunch of tracks in the Octo, and then record them one by one into (in my case) Ableton. With Octo synced to Ableton, everything stays completely in sync throughout the whole process. Syncing the other way raises several timing issues.
    If you record all tracks at once, you would be ok though.

    And whether or not Cubase "likes" to sync to something else is an entirely different matter, but if it insists on being the master, well, that is your answer.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum, and congrats with your new machine!

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    I’m feeling lazy at work, so I’ll help out.

    From a quick google, only MTC is supported since VST32 (source: gearslutz)

    to get more details on cubase and sync options:

    I work in a similar way as LDT with reaper/live/sonar. sonar for example can be enslaved to the octopus midi but it will disable Audio processing (midi clock not enough resolution to work with audio)

    However, when I am using the PC as a simple multitrack recorder to record a session to be later chopped-up, I slave everything (but the PC) to the Octopus.




    Thanks guys for your help, I did figure that i going to have to slave to cubase though that was not what I wanted ideally but there you go, such is life and software. I’m looking at ableton live now as well so I’ll see how i get on with that, the Octopus is due to be delivered today so I’ll have lots to do.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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