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    in 4.0….
    the octopus (& everything in my rig) is slaved to the clock from an electrix repeater (so I can write & record based on played-live guitar & bass parts).
    everything stops when the repeater changes from one loop to the next; this may be a repeater bug, or the octopus responding badly to the repeater’s clock disappearing for a few ticks.
    I have made two pages to run in a cluster. the 2nd is a modified copy of the 1st.
    eight tracks run in a chain, while the bottom two run independently in normal 16 step patterns.
    to get the chain to finish before the pages switch in the cluster, I adjusted the page length setting to it’s maximum. the octopus loses lock across the page boundary, dropping enough ticks to knock the rhythm out by a couple of beats. my workaround is to turn the page length down to 1 again, & use the page-repeat setting instead. this seems to work fine.
    "edit" button, which I use a lot to find drum sounds while editing patterns… doesn’t seem to send note-off anymore, leading to many hanging notes while editing pitch. I have to follow my pitch editing with an external keyboard to kill the hanging notes.

    oh, & happy christmas!



    Hi Duncan,
    in the meantime I have tried to replicate the beat tick bug you reported, but was not successful. I have configured Octopus as MIDI slave, with a Machinedrum as master. Everything seems to work fine. Are you able to replicate the problem with a different MIDI master as well?


    Does MidiOX show something funky in the output of the Repeater? I usually run my machines through that freebie program to see what might be causing trouble. It really is a workhorse.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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