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    Ian Duncan

    How do,

    this problem has occurred since I upgraded my Nemo to OS 1.62…

    with the sequencer running..

    double clicking on ANY page in grid mode (with or without step data) will cause the 3rd track in the page, to drop out of sync/alignment with the other 3 tracks that are running// visually AND with midi triggering.

    normally by falling late by 2 steps… sometimes a little more… but always the 3rd track/row from the top.

    (just for the record, the tracks are setup to be single passes (no chaining) with left to right DIR settings and all at the same [default] speed)

    pressing the align button will correct, as expected – but repeating the process to edit another page will cause the same problem again.

    not 100% sure if this is caused by a new feature from 1.62 (eg. hypersteps) – not had a lot of time to explore the new stuff yet.

    thought it might be caused by my custom machine state so, tried going back to a default machine state – same problem.

    happens every time – whether on internal or external sync.

    am I being dumb here? have I missed something obvious ??http://genoqs.net/components/com_joomlaboard/emoticons/ermm.png

    I’m sure if it was a bug – there would be a few more posts on the subject.

    any help would be appreciated.


    Carlos Dalla-Fiore

    You’re talking about double clicking in the grid-live mode right?

    afaik Gabriel is aware of it and has a fix in the pipeline.

    Ian Duncan

    sorry – yes, grid – live mode

    thanks for the info – I’ll wait for Gabriel’s fix..

    Ian Duncan

    Hi there,

    Just wondered if there was any news on this issue.. I had a live performance with the nemo last weekend, all was good… but the flow between double clicking a page in grid live mode – to enter track mode, breaks down with this alignment issue.

    The only work around I have (Grid edit & Page select) is fine for the studio, but less than great for live…

    if no fix is planned in the near future could someone point me in the direction of the older OS v1.60 – as all was fine there… and I’ll try to down grade my nemo.

    I had it on my mac somewhere – must have misplaced it, and can’t find the 160.syx on the genoqs site.

    Thanks for you help.

    Ian Duncan

    how do,

    Here is a link for those who may need to get the nemo os v1.60 file:


    or USB loaded elf file:


    downgrading to 1.60 has fixed the alignment problem for me..


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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