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Oh yes true… Live’s tempo can tap and be set to a fine resolution.

My thinking in this post was to move away from my "practical" working needs and into a plain discussion… Just trying to liven up the board a little.

I really think this ability to sync up / offer a "improvised" musical experience is very important… Live is great at it and I would attribute that as a major factor in it’s success…. ie.. rather than a predefined playback of events (prerecorded audio) you could instead play "clips" back when you felt the time was right… that was huge…

So to push the boundaries: If a sequencer could somehow work with a "human" level of timing… then one could use a sequencer (octopus) to play along with a string quartet or orchestra for instance… that would really be pushing the boundaries I would think (computers seem to do this now?)…

[Also – I’m Danish as well and grew up in Solvang, Ca, USA… Hej!

Much of my electronic music experience comes from my 90’s living in DK… so much cool stuff over there…]