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Marcel Achim

Welcome to the genoQs Machines community!

You can display pitch indication while you are in the EDIT state of the nemo.
(see NEMO_NG_v162_A4 page 52) To get there simply press EDIT.
EDIT will now blink orange indicating that you are in the
EDIT state mode. Now grab a step and tweak the pitch rotary labeled PIT.
Now you will see in row 1 the absolute pitch indication of the step in the
same manner as you already know it for the tracks.

The Octopus has the EDIT state as well. You can get there with the same
description above. The pitch will be indicated in the inner circle.
But the Octopus has one more way for a pitch indication of the steps.
In STEP mode the inner circle shows the absolute step pitch as well.