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droolmaster0 wrote:

….I’m also trying to figure out using this to change midi channel for the track…but I’m not getting what I want. The channel of the track is channel 1, so I wanted to get jumping between channels 1,2, and 3. However, no matter how I set the main knob, which limits the offset I think, and the amount setting, I can’t get it to come back to channel 1. Well, I’m just floundering around here. Can anyone provide a better explanation than what’s in the manual?

Hi droolmaster0,

select in STEP MODE, SEL -> MCH and set the AMT value to 1 and the Main Knob to 3
you should see it jumping around between channels 1,2 and 3. However, indeed in OS 1.02 it is never turning back to channel 1 anymore. This is obviously a SW bug and it will be fix in the next SW release. Thank you for this input.