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Attila Sik

nice idea////

i think the problem is that this takes equencing into realms not everyone wants to enter – some people love autechra for instance and beats you cannot dance to and some regard this as nonsense , i persoanlly think the future of sequencing will evolve more into humanisation and non repetative cyclic music – its only 4/4 and square so much as much music technology forces or encourages people to work in a square fashion – much like building houses – its harder to build a round house than 4 walls….i’m drifting but tempo multipliers and tempo controlled by step atrributes would really push the boat out , so much can be done already however using track multiples…its very easy to make ‘ unsquare ‘ sequences in the octopus if your into the organic witha little swing and oddness – everytime i turn this machine on it blows me away but i can see a real pleasure in controlling multipliers with step attributes and tempo ! …..a demented kind of pleasure mind you…..!.

great idea!! … why not going a bit wilder with a step event on bpm?? 👿
I have no idea if this is possible