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Attila Sik

well i am kind of in the same thing at times , i do remeber in version one of the os you adjusted track length with the length dial . . .and it was actaully a pretty crazy way to do some funky stuff.I use to love doing 16step sequences and then using length dial you could shorten them in an instant , i use to tweak length and position together for mad results.Length later was change and this feature was lost and instead you have to mute steps to adjust track length – maybe in the future we will see the track length back via simple dial as it allowsd a trick of shortening track length in rapid fire which sounds fantastic live – i wont ask to much though as i am amazed at the new os and features;)……but i think the old os1 way that track l;ength was adjusted is what your after .

Do you know if there’s a fast way to skip a range of steps? I often like to start with sequences of maybe 4 notes, gradually increasing as I program cool stuff into each new step. As there’s no concept of track length, it can be quite laborious to keep making these changes by all those individual button presses – is there a shortcut?