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Gabriel, but what about my 1. and 3. ? Is this how it is meant to be?

I do understand the concept of the current mode of operation more now, but I should probably play some more with it (with material as you describe) to fully appreciate it.

Just to exemplify how it collides with another way of making music:
You have a page of 16 steps that contains drums and bass. Think of it as a sampled loop. Now you make a cluster of several copies of this page. The idea is to create new rhythms by stting different page lenghts and repeat numbers to the different copies of the page. But as it is now, this (quite simple stuff) is not possible.

What I propose is to have the "re-trigger" behavior for page lengths <16 and "continuum" behavior for page lengths 16 and more. I have just prototyped it and it makes a good first impression.

The continuum mode will probably be missed by some for the <16 page lenghts. Perhaps two modes of page lenght? Continuum ("nice") and Retrigger ("rude").